2 seniora Javautvecklare till Skövde för tillsvidareanställning

 För kundsräkning i Skövde söker vi 2 seniora javautvecklare!


  • Approximately 8 years of relevant work experience.
  • Comprehensive experience of software development, such as working with APIs and other communication interfaces.
  • Comprehensive experience with database design and optimization.
  • Experience with general product development, coordinating larger cross-team development efforts and high-profile projects.
  • Experience of complex technical solutions.


  • Comprehensive knowledge of modern programming languages, design patterns, techniques and practices.
  • Proficiency in software testing, profiling, debugging, code versioning systems, build tools and integration- and deployment pipelines.
  • Proficiency in majority of our Tech Radar, under Languages & Frameworks – Adopt.
  • Building resilient technical constructions that are scalable.
  • Staying informed and current with the applicable software development industry, and the ability to identify and sensibly apply the right solution to a certain problem.
  • Demonstrating an awareness of and the ability to maintain scaled software complexity while reducing dependency cost.


  • Flexible and able to work independently as well as in a team.
  • Be able to understand the cost of dependencies and maintainability.
  • Be able to manage code readability.
  • Be able to thrive in a fast-paced and autonomous environment.
  • Take an active role in finding solutions.
  • Strong prioritization skills, including differentiating short- and long-term business values and the ability to accurately calculate task ROI.
  • Solution- and service-oriented.
  • Be able to implement solutions that are thoughtfully structured & readable.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Strong oral, written and presentational skills in both Swedish and English.  
  • Has a drive to improve not only their own code but the entire architecture they work in.
  • Able to work pro-actively with code quality maintenance.
  • Able to work long-term with technical planning and strategy.
  • Ability to coach colleagues and facilitate decisions.

The above-mentioned points should give an overall picture of the employee’s day to day responsibilities but should in no way be deemed to be an exhaustive list, additional, related, duties may be assigned by the manager in line with business exigencies and continuity.

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Huskvarnavägen 82
554 66 Jönköping Vägbeskrivning info@followu.se 0709-881401 View page


Olaus Petrigatan 30
412 70 Göteborg Vägbeskrivning info@itrekryteringgöteborg.se 070-346 40 54 View page


Blåsutvägen 5
121 36 Johanneshov Vägbeskrivning info@itrekryteringstockholm.se 070-346 40 54 View page

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